At Athena Wills, there is absolutely no need to worry about any hidden extras. Our prices are listed below and we believe that our fees are affordable, offer great value for money and there no upfront costs to pay. Payment by Credit or Debit Card, Cash or Cheque becomes due on completion of work. All documents are drafted bespoke to client requirements.

We operate a two-visit system:

  • The first visit will be to talk through your options, offer you guidance, take your instructions and confirm your requirements and the cost.
  • The second visit will be to deliver your completed documents and to supervise the signing.
Standard Will
Single Will£150
Mirror Wills for a Couple (drafted as a matching pair)£225


Will with a Trust
Single Will plus one Trust£340
Mirror Wills for a Couple plus one Trust£395


Other Services
Severance of Joint TenancySecure Will Storage  Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
Changes “Joint Ownership” of property to “Tenants in Common” This enables the owner(s) to gift their share of the property in their Will.We can store not only your Will, but other important documents in a fully insured, professional facility guaranteed against flood and fire damage.A facility to pre-pay your funeral at today’s cost, either by a one-off lump sum or regular installments is available.
£50£15 – Individual | £20 – Couple

Annual Fee via Direct Debit

Cost is variable, dependent on your chosen plan.

Between £2,275 – £4,099

All Wills drafted by Gail of Athena Wills Ltd includes:

  • An easy to read Will Commentary
  • Free registration with Certainty, the National Will Register, normally charged at £30 per Will
  • 1 copy of each Will drafted, for your reference at no additional cost